14 people, holding 7 passkey, controls everything

The Internet is an organization controlled by designating IP addresses.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the organization responsible for assigning IP numeric addresses for websites and computers.

If any hacker would get access to the database ICANN, They would control the Internet. Because, the organization has taken special security measures, because it is too risky for one person to have this Accountability.

So, ICANN ales 7 people in the organization, holding 7 keys Internet access. Besides them, no other 7 people, Which are “reserves” those who hold keys.

Therefore, Internet security is ensured 14 people, writes The Indepnedent.

The 7 physical keys that are open safes access cards. It takes several keys this way to get access to the device that generates “the main key”, controlling Internet. This is not a real key, but a computer-generated code, a password that can access the database ICANN.

To each 3 months, part of the 7 responsible undergo a secret ceremony, where access keys are checked and receive an update.

Participants in this ritual are checked in detail, are scans fingerprints and pass through several doors that only they can unlock, by special codes.

The room that occurs “key ceremony” It is heavily guarded and isolated, so that there can be no communication with the outside.

The ritual can participate observatory, and time is recorded and the images are broadcast live on the Internet.

At the moment, over 3,6 billion people worldwide use the Internet.


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