Of all the important tasks that involve using laptop, often people ignore making a backup of important data and files on the hard drive. The laptop repair center often come many people who have problems with the hard drive and whose main concern is not to lose existing data on it. Especially for notebooks that are more fragile and mobile equipment, We should pay more attention to performing a periodic backup of data. Users get immediate panic when your laptop dies suddenly and no longer can access the data.


Their first question is if they manage to even recover data - question that comes even before you know what happened to that laptop that does not start. When we refer to these mobile devices must be aware that things can go wrong, faster than we expect. Hard-disk drive is a very common phenomenon that we call those who arrive in laptop repair service. Apart from the risk that the hard disk to be damaged by itself or by accident, Today there on the internet all sorts of viruses that slips gently and destroy data, without even realize what is happening.

Because, make a backup in Bucharest laptop repair service and keeping files safe should be part of routine maintenance of a laptop. But you do not know to do it personally, Consult a laptop repair service. Anyway, later in this article we will provide some tips that can help you realize yourself a regular back-up data and files you care so much.

Although saying that you need to back up regularly, You might be wondering what exactly this. The answer you how important those files (we) for you. Laptop repair service specialists will recommend you to backup immediately after you create a file important. The best test is to ask yourself how you would feel if you lose that file. For most users, a back-up should be enough once a week, twice a month or even quarterly. Again, It depends on how much it means those files for you.

We believe that most of the problem is caused by the fact that users do not know or are unsure of instruments and software required for backup. The best advice of laptop repair center when we refer to back up files is to keep things simple. It is best to backup your data on two devices: one you have and another one extra.

You can save the data in the Cloud - via internet, although some laptop repair specialists will not recommend this. The only logical reason to transfer data in the cloud is to protect them from fire. Rather than lose control of your data and send them to who knows who, you can keep a third copy of the data on another device. Some users prefer this, others have nothing against realize a backup in the Cloud.

Even backup itself must be simple and logical. You can transfer the copy-paste each 5 file folders on an external hard drive about once a month. That might be all, although return to the idea that you should make backups whenever deemed necessary, to not lose any important files. Folders for backup can be My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos, Favourites etc.

While every home and every business user, any technician of a laptop repair center, can develop his own method of backup that periodically resort. This way you will have more control over the files you do not want and can not afford to lose. Newer data back-up operation can be automated, but should be aware that such actions may fail.

Laptop repair Tips - data backup options

Here are some backup options that can help save your data effectively whenever you want without having to call a repair service laptop.

1. Back-up pe un hard disk extern. This is one of the most used methods for hard disk (https://www.onlaptop.ro/reparatii-laptop/reparatie-inlocuire-hdd-laptop/) can have large capacity and is easy to store and found in need. The most common method of backup for home users is this, using an external hard drive. These devices cin with special software that helps make automatic backup - though some experts in the field will not recommend to use it so. You can transfer files with drag and drop or copy-paste. It is a cheap solution for external hard disks affordable prices.

2. USB Flash. Storage devices are smaller and appearance. Flash sites generally have a smaller storage capacity and that means you might not have enough storage space for files you want to transfer. The capacity of these small units is impressive, although some experts do not recommend to backup. On the other hand, You can use a flash drive 64 GB, 128 GB enough space for the most important data. That the device is so small (easier to transport than an external hard drive - even though they are one 2.5inch).

3. Back-up online. A good option is Dropbox, but here you can upload as many files free. if you exceed 2 GB of storage will have to pay. Then there is the other similar solutions - such as, for example cabron. For more options, do not hesitate to search in Google by the best online backup solutions and surely you will find many results. You can go to a laptop repair center for more help and information in back-up data.

4. Windows Back-up. In older versions of Windows were skinny backup utility that you can use to better protect data of interest. Windows 7 and Windows 8 brought several improvements regarding this area, which, however, avoided by many people specialized in laptop repair.

5. Network Attached Storage - This is a back-up option for companies and is more complex than those presented so far. Get details in laptop repair center.

When the last time you had your back-up or when you were a laptop repair service for back-up and / or hard disk check? There are currently files on your laptop that you would not want in any way to lose? If the answer is "yes" then I think it is time to make a backup right now. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today because the world never knows laptops. Nobody knows when you wake up one morning and notice that your hard disk to errors you need to go to a laptop repair service. It is easier and less expensive to do back-up (even if it means you buy an external hard drive or a flash expressly for this) only pay for data recovery.

Data recovery is an operation included in the offer laptop repair service centers as one of the most expensive. That nemaipunand to mention the risk that your valuable data will not be recovered at all.