Virus on Android listens and reading your posts

A new spy skills virus was detected in a legitimate application from Google Play Store launched 2016. If you installed the, then it likely has been supervised.

Specialiștii în securitate informatică de la Bitdefender au identificat un nou tip de spyware pe sistemul de operare Android, computer threat equipped with extensive monitoring capabilities and easily integrated into seemingly innocuous applications.

Once masked repackaged applications, Trio called spyware can hide their presence on device, to record calls, to intercept text messages, to capture video, to take pictures, collect GPS coordinates and transmit them full command and control server of the attacker.

Trio originally appeared on 15 May, inclus într-o aplicație legitimă din Google Play Store care sugerează activități erotice cuplurilor. In the meantime, application can not be accessed from Google Play, but command and control center of spyware continues to be functional at present, says the Bitdefender. That means attackers continuously test new features and Compatible with various devices, so they are still working on the final version of this threat, it may reappear whenever another legitimate application.

What can Trio on Android

  1. Full record every phone call made or received and sends it to the attacker.
  2. Monitors all incoming SMS, both message content, and its sender.
  3. It has the ability to hide the device.
  4. Send all details of calls, such as name and number caller, day, duration and type of call.
  5. Sends each photo taken, both front camera, and with the main.
  6. Delivers real-time GPS coordinates to the attacker.

Application infected with this malware was initially charged in Russia, and reporting with most victims infected come from Israel. This is almost identical to the original, both in terms of code, and functionalities, except component infected.

Both the application icon, its interface and apparently keeps all original features, not to arouse any suspicion infected victim.

Original application was available from the Play store 2016. While it is still unclear how it is disseminated, informal stores or areas controlled by attackers could still host it.