Fortunately I do not know anyone who had problems because of the attack on Friday. However, many people were affected. To prevent this it should be one step ahead. It never hurts to be preventive. And to debate this topic than we want to know how it will protect you.

I am more rude and do not use antivirus. Actually, do not use 3-4 years. The last one I had was a licensed BitDefender on 1 an, and after it was finished I ditched him. Currently I rely only on Windows Defender, very good Windows 10. However, I have a backup of all data on an external hard drive.

But I learned to surf the Internet better. No more accessible sites dubious, how can I stay away from ads with different programs and not bag all kinds of USB drives from friends in PC. Last time I virused PC was a stick.

Although I had no problems and do not miss antivirus, o data la cateva luni scanez sistemul de adware cu AdwCleaner. This little program it scans the whole system by adware and eliminates. Otherwise do little. I'm just careful and use Windows 10 licensed. I leave to make all updates when needed.

Now I want to see how it will protect you. use antivirus? You switched to a different operating system than Windows? you backup?

Source : Arena IT