ADATA ED600 - or how to get your USB HDD

One of the gadgets that we all needed at least once in their life is the ADATA ED600. This simple and seemingly trivial gadget can help in many cases. Its role is to allow you to connect your SATA HDD via USB to a PC or laptop.

Basically it's just a box that simply put a hard drive on the other side offers USB interface. Is simple, efficient and useful. It is the kind of gadget that should it have any geek.

ADATA boxy ED600 is very well built and offers more than a comfortable support for HDD. It is specially designed to absorb vibrations of the HDD and even if somehow protects pour a glass of water over. IP54 protection is posts.


HDD is inserted and not fixed in anything. Sta well as sit and not have to worry about especially uncapped. Enter the two data connectors and power and voila. Further you use the USB cable 3.0 the package which supplies the HDD and transfer data.

We hope to USB Type C but there is no time lost. Maybe next model. Even USB 3.0 You do not have to worry about data transfer speed. Speed ​​is given much and your HDD. I with Toshiba and WD've got a very good speeds up to 150MB / s and at least 60MB / s.

Eu il what util Giclee courage. Considering that portable HDDs that go directly to the USB or without separate power (see AICI si HERE two models we tested) You can use an SSD. A SSD is holy and can no way to get him into the laptop or PC for various reasons.

this housing, this gadget, I do not know how to call it exactly, not too expensive. It is around 100 lei. Back with a link if I find the exact price.


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