Android vs. iOS : Which does the Internet work better?

Android și iOS au plusurile și minusurile lor, dar când vine vorba de speed sistemului de operare, competition between the two OS's closer than you think.

Surely you'd expect Android and iOS to work just anywhere in the world, but you're wrong. A study by SpeedTest show that the speed of the two operating systems differ by country. And here things get more interesting results are surprising.

Dintr-un eșantion de 25 countries, data showed that the rate of download on Android is faster than iOS. In countries like Iraq, speed is higher 24,9% than on iOS, South Africa 23,9%, in Mongolia 19%, in Hong Kong 17,2%, and in Kuwait 12,8%.

iOS compensated but when it comes to speed OS, which is faster than Android. And it's bizarre that the download is slower in those countries iOS. In other 60 Member, iOS is faster with 10% than its rival. And this fall Thailand (an astonishing amount 60,5%), Nigeria (51,7%), Kenya (43,4%), Bangladesh (41,5%) Japan (38,3%). I would have been tempted to think that Android's top Asian states, but it seems that the figures contradict me.

If you are wondering what are the most used phones, Apple sau cele pe Android, you should know that iOS is again preferred by consumers worldwide.

Deși Apple are doar 28 types of iPhone, US giant successfully take before Android, running on no less than 1.983 different models.

Of all models from Apple, iPhone 7 se află încă în topul preferințelor utilizatorilor din 72 Member, including Brazil, Germany, Italy, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the UK. Next on the list is the iPhone 6, which dominates 12 state, and China, Malaysia and Thailand. Georgia is the only country where iPhone 5 It is more popular than any other phone.

Android is, but, champion when it comes to diversity patterns. Only in 16 Member prevails Android phones, dar clienții nu se încurcă cu chilipiruri și aleg mărci de top ca Samsung. in Croatia, Israel and Peru Galaxy S7 was the chosen phone. in Honduras, Pakistan și Tunisia, customers prefer the edge S7. At a stone's throw new, Serbia, Samsung Galaxy S8 enjoys the greatest popularity.

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is preferred in countries where you would not expect to meet, such as Belarus, Greece, Ukraine, and Bangladesh, India and Indonesia.

Here, all were conquered by Xiaomi Redmire Notes 4. Huawei is popular. Finland is ranked 2 preferred by, and in Nigeria and Siberia, place 4.



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