How are you watching on the internet and what you can do

Facebook a devenit acum principala țintă a utilizatorilor care sunt nemulțumiți că le-au fost colectate și folosite datele personale, but there are several ways you watched on the Internet, without realizing.

Facebook now occupies the supreme place among companies following our messages and other personal information and use it without even asking permission. However, you should know that other economic giants, precum Google te supraveghează sub o formă sau alta. in the main, commercially, make you buy certain products. Have not you ever wondered how to find the exact products ads you want when you read something on the Internet?

How do you follow online: IDs

The sites are used much for unique IDs hidden in those cookies (data stored in your browser, I use to know when you're back on the same site after a certain time). Cookie-Sites are used Facebook to know what types of creatives you provide, depending on the sites they like you or hits you make. In this way, Google connects you to various sites that might interest you.

What prevented them from pursuing your IDs

Each device that it has a different ID using, but you can periodically delete those cookies. Most browsers have included the option, but you should know that you will receive advertisements and other further. The difference is that you will be suggested to those you might be interested.

How do you follow online: location services

More and more applications require access to work location. Usually, if you have Location Services turned, When you run the app, its activation requires you. Cel mai des ai observat asta la aplicațiile de tip GPS.

What prevents applications to access your location service

Simply turn off the phone's GPS. This is the simplest and most accessible method, but some applications may not work properly at all if you do not know the location.

Online accounts are another form

accounts are, also, an ingenious method and less known that you are being watched or identified data. As you know, Facebook not do your work without account. Much the same is happening with some features on Google, newest.

Some sites even require you to login with your Facebook or Google to view content. That should show you that Facebook already have more than enough information to be identified.

How impossible to supervise the accounts

Here's a little more complicated because the best way is to avoid'll do any online account. Also, stop login to any site, especially one which know much, with your Facebook or Google.

How do you follow online: IP addresses

IP addresses (Internet Protocol) lists devices, phone or computer, leaving or accessing the Internet. Through IP receive messages and upload sites. IP is not just for you but good. He helps companies to remember who you are and what device when you visit websites.

How to prevent tracking by IP address

You can hide IP address through an intermediary security. The most common is VPN, that your email traffic to another IP trnsferă. A security browser called Tor automatically send traffic to multiple third-party online. In this way, his pursuer induce in error. However VPN has no effect if all log into an account.


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