Facebook knows what you did in recent years



Facebook confirmed that kept information about text messages and calls of millions of people who use Android to access Facebook Messenger.

De când a izbucnit scandalul cu Cambridge Analytica, who abuse social network to collect data, users began to download their data on Facebook pentru a vedea cât de multe știe rețeaua socială despre ei.

These include and developer Dylan McKay, who said that in his file were present all the calls he has made in recent years. File included information about who called, when he called, call duration and time it was made. Important is that these calls were not made by Facebook or one of its applications, but on your phone.

Post became viral, so, others responded that they had the same historical downloaded file. "History calls and messages are part of the login process, o caracteristică a persoanelor care folosesc Messenger sau Facebook Lite pe Android„, officials said Facebook. In addition, They argue that this helps people find and keep in touch with people that interest them and provide a better experience on Facebook.

Once you've enabled Messenger, Application start charging, steadily, your contacts and call history and messages. Archive data Facebook has three main folders, html, messages și photos, and a file index.htm. Acest fișier îți permite să accesezi rapid celelalte fișiere html din cele trei foldere. Once opened, It gives you basic information about your account, like pages that you gave like, groups that you belong and even relationships you've had in the past, that if you want a mini-episode depressing.

Dacă vrei ca Facebook să nu te mai spioneze să știi că mai există și alte alternative. Nuzzel is one of these and you can synchronize with other social networks you use, like Twitter or LinkedIn. Cu ajutorul Nuzzel poți să vezi despre ce articole vorbesc prietenii tăi. Aplicația are și funcția Best of Nuzzel, that you can see the most discussed news of the entire platform.

Instead Messenger can try Signal, which is encrypted and free. Perhaps it has stickers or emoji, but it is approved by security researchers and keeps in touch with loved ones safe. And if you're interested in events on Facebook you can choose to Paperless or Doodle.


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