Google Chrome will get rid of the annoying ads

Chrome version 64 allowed users to stop autoplay videos on certain sites, but with Chrome 66, the company implements new criteria and promises to get rid of annoying ads.

The next version of Chrome a Google aduce câteva condiții care trebuie îndeplinite pentru ca un clip să poată fi redat automat. Videoclipul trebuie să fie pe mute sau să nu aibă sunet, and the user must have clicked on that site on its own initiative. Also, site should be added to the home screen of your phone or, if on the desktop, the user must have recently used this support.

Aceasta este o idee destul de bună, deoarece probabil nici tu nu suporți să încarci o pagină de internet și să începi deja să auzi melodii sau să vezi clipuri a căror redare a a început acum câteva momente. Almost every time, those videos were a promotional purpose, rarely are indicative and are extremely annoying when you really want to look at ceva.Chrome 66 It is a beta, and the final version should be released in a few weeks. In addition, Chrome 66 va afișa avertizări în urma problemelor întâmpinate de software terț care ar putea injecta cod în browser. simultaneously, new version withdraw the confidence granted certificates Symantec.
Această idee a Google nu a apărut peste noapte, since last year there was talk of a version of Chrome that will eliminate automatically playing clips from various sites. To reach this point, At Google have been working on this long-term solution. We can only hope that Chrome version 66 It will give us exactly what promises to pray that the makers of commercials in video format not find a solution to this innovation Fent.

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