Thousands of hacked sites are infected with viruses

Mii de sites slab securizate au devenit armele hackers. Acestea utilizează notificări false de update. Once you give your consent will install malware allowing cyber criminals to operate remotely.

Hackers campaign was extended over a period of at least four months. She is able to compromise websites that run a variety of content management systems, inclusiv WordPress. The action was exposed on a blog post, de analistul Jérôme Segura.

Hackerii, at the SCRI, determine the sites to display messages to a limited number of visitors, în funcție de browsers pe care le folosesc, îi îndeamnă să instaleze actualizări pentru Firefox, Chrome sau Flash. To avoid being caught, cybercriminals ensure that notices false update are shown on a single IP address. Victims carefully selected download a JavaScript file.

"This campaign is based on a delivery mechanism running social engineering and abuses a legitimate service for hosting files", Segara notes. "The file type is a script rather bait and provides the flexibility to develop hacker fingerprinting techniques and not only".

În afară de software-ul rău intenționat, campaign hacker installed malware Chthon bank and a Trojan version of NetSupport commercial application for remote access. Engineers cybersecurity could not determine exactly how many sites have been compromised.

Using a simple script, researchers have identified hundreds of sites infected WordPress. That's what led to estimate the number of victims are among thousands. Hackers have implemented the plan no later than 20 December, and users have been infected because the devices were not carefully secured. Campaigns with compromised websites to reach users are becoming increasingly common in the last decade. As you know, rewards criminals ask victims to repair computer problems exist. In the last year, however, hackerii și-au îndreptat atenția și energie pe minatul de Bitcoin.


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