SEO optimization can make your site easier for potential customers to find. Google is the most important search engine, and increasing the position of a web page is important for any kind of business. So, because your project or website. to be in the first places (or on the first page of the search results), you need to invest in quality SEO services. And how the traffic of a site comes, for the most part, from Google, SEO optimization of the text on that site becomes essential in the sales strategy of any responsible management.

Advantages of SEO Optimization ON PAGE

  • Increased unpaid traffic volume

  • The visibility and credibility of the brand increases exponentially

  • We assure you that the site is present in search engines

  • SEO Optimization - The most sustainable way to promote

  • It attracts more clients interested in the company's services

  • Save money in the long run, and traffic is more targeted

  • Improve conversion rate for SEO traffic

  • Increase sales from targeted words

The Google robot does not "see" the page as we see it, but indexes it as a code. On-page SEO optimization is the tool that helps the Google robot better understand what is on that page.

Keyword analysis

In the case of new projects, respectively the sites or online stores that we configure from scratch within the internal web design department, each service page, respectively a category of keywords is assigned to each category. Keyword analysis is done using powerful tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Topics, by SEO Monitor. For presentation sites or stores already launched online, the analysis of the keywords according to the current structure of the URLs is performed within the SEO On Audit – Page.

Content organization and optimization

Creating and optimizing content based on initial keyword analysis is an important part of the strategy to increase non-brand organic traffic.. Unlike outdated cannibalization techniques / over optimization of keyword density, At the moment, the Google search engine appreciates the content created in a natural way, useful for the user to find out as much information as possible about the services or products you offer. Our SEO Copywriting department can help you create from scratch or optimize the current content on your site for better ranking in the search results pages provided by the Google search engine..

Configuring items / HTML tags and metadata

Based on the analysis of the keywords and the traffic potential that each word from the group associated with each service page or each category of products in the online store presents, the configuration of the relevant HTML tags in the year is made. 2020: H1, H2, ALT Text attributes for images, as well as metadata: Metatitlu (SEO Title) + Metadescription - representative snippets for any URL (Web page) which the search engine displays in the results pages. These elements influence in a significant percentage the positions of the page in the SERP, and therefore must be configured properly, in agreement with the products listed in the respective category or with the description of the service offered.

URL optimization

Depending on the main keyword assigned to the page or category in question, the URL is set so that it gives weight to that expression. In the case of a website made from scratch, our web design department takes care of the correct setting of the URLs when guiding the SEO department, but in the case of a project already launched online, following the SEO On Page audit, the problematic URLs will be reported: those published and indexed with an extension of figures at the end, those that contain symbols or diacritics, those that do not match the target keyword groups or those that repeat certain keywords, aspect considered spam by search engines. These URLs will be redirected using the modules corresponding to each platform.