The system scans the entire population of the world 2 seconds

The Chinese were a while a facial recognition system for population, and it has become stronger than ever.

Facial recognition system that I have created Chinese este o parte din Skynet – iar aici nu vorbim despre rețeaua ficțională din filmele Terminator. in China, Skynet is monitoring system carried along and across the country; via the, It encouraged the use of cameras, and their performance is enhanced. The system was established in 2005 and then continually improved. At the moment, China managed to implement facial recognition technology 16 regions of the country. According to the information available, the system is able to scan the entire population of China, from 1,4 billion people, in just a second. The population of the entire planet can be scanned in about 2 seconds. So far, China a instalat nu mai puțin de 170 million cameras and wants the number to reach 570 million by 2020. This means that, average, each room will supervise about 2-3 people. In the last two years, the use of increasingly frequent facial recognition technology helped arrest 2.000 of people. With this surveillance system ultra-fast, police can track the movements of suspects, to find missing persons, but also to prevent illegal acts.

Developers say that this system has a rate of accuracy 99,8% and it works regardless of the angle and lighting conditions.

China vrea să fie un lider în ceea ce privește industria inteligenței artificiale, and facial recognition is only a small part of the whole system. As proof of the reason China is the number of patents registered artificial intelligence; in the 2017, China recorded five times more than the US. So, State managed to get more investment than the US, Seminars in AI.


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