Crazy Moon is your partner #1 for social promotion
The impact of social media on our lives, it is incalculable. In a century of super-speed, in which the information is consumed totally different from now 20 for years and spreads at the speed of light precisely because it is distributed on social channels, networks like Facebook, Instagram and Google offer unsuspected possibilities, not just for individuals, but also for business

Because we know what advance Social Media has gained in recent years, both among regular users, as well as for companies. And because we know how to use this advantage for the benefit of our clients. It is, really, an interactive environment on which you can promote your low-budget business. But, Social Media can only bring you money if it is used properly. That's why we're here.

  • Correct and carefully thought out targeting of the pool of potential clients

  • The natural increase in the number of likes, share-uri, followeri.

  • Creativity for your business.

You may want to direct your resources to a single social network, or you may want to use the potential of all relevant networks., to reach more potential customers. Whatever your choice, our Social Media consultants will come up with concrete advice and create an action plan that will bring results.

When conducting social media campaigns, we make sure we offer you:

  • New leads and customers, with low costs

  • Campaigns tailored to the promotion needs of your business

  • Fair prices for personalizing Facebook and Instagram pages.

  • Visible and measurable results for any type of campaign

Google Adwords campaigns

Because we've been doing this long enough to figure out from the beginning what you need to sell better.. It is no coincidence that Google dominates the digital advertising market. That's where the budgets are, there are your customers and your competition. Google Adwords is the most convenient opportunity to sell. But "at hand" does not mean "simple".

  • The fast and cost-effective way to promote your business

  • Properly executed Google Adwords campaigns can outpace the same type of competition effort

  • Increased traffic on the site, which can lead to new leads

Google Adwords helps, but only if handled intelligently. We are a web agency with a lot of experience in campaigns of this kind and we are here to find the most favorable solutions for your business..

We carefully study the activity of your business., we set the objectives of the campaign together and we adhere to these objectives

  • We choose the most important and effective keywords

  • We write and test the most creative texts to attract the attention of potential customers

  • Campania optimism, so you pay as little as possible

  • Campaign performance can also increase 500% in just a few hours or days