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The impact that social media has on our lives is, nowadays, inestimable. In the century of super speed, where the information is processed differently in comparison to 20 years ago and is distributed with the speed of light, through social media channels, networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google offers unexpected possibilities, not only for individuals, but also for business purposes..

Why social media?

Social Media is the main place where you can raise your business and grow your customer relations. We will help you create a specific target audience for your brand through ads, promotions, posts, recommendations and applications.

Keep in touch with existing and potential future cliens

Develop a relationship with individuals from different enviorments
Own an interactive platform where clients can offer positive feedback
Social networks increase your business exposure and retains devoted clients

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Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter!

No matter the platform, choosing us will guarantee that your word will be spread to everyone that is interested.

Facebook / Instagram Services

We professionally administrate your Facebook and Instagram page. From the communication strategy and exceptional graphic elements to dedicated apps, contests and promotions, we offer everything to increase your business on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook Shop

Crazy Moon offers a strong and easy to use platform. You can start selling your products directly on your FACEBOOK page, with the advantage of having a large client database..

The Facebook / Instagram Community

Start investing in a community built on your Facebook / Instagram page. A consumer community focused on your products or services. Attract. Educate. Sell.

Advertising on Facebook / Instagram

Using Facebook and Instagram ads,the right message reaches the right people. The next and only step is for the Facebook users to like what you have to offer and to become clients. It’s simple and direct.

Google services

The presence on the front page of Google directs interested visitors towards your website, services and products.

Google Adwords

Our success in paid campaigns has been proven for both presentation and e-commerce websites. Implementing of our recommendations increases the success of campaigns up to 300%.

SEM Services

The absolutely necessary condition for a website to reach it’s goals set by a firm’s business plan, is for it to be visited. Our search engine marketing plan will maximize your website’s potential and will contribute in making your business stand out.

Latest statistics show that more than 60% of the traffic is generated by search engines 85% of the Web users prefer search engines to find the right website fitting their needs..

Adwords is one of the most successful programs of the Google company and it translates through the possibility to promote you online attracting customers interested in your company's goods or services.. The Adwords program guarantees the possibility to choose the landing page of your ads, at the same time, it is elementary to set a budget to promote the desired ad.

Setting up an ad involves the most efficient strategy and the patient and experienced dosing of the allocated budget. The ads you promote through Google Adwords will appear in either search engine, as a paid or sponsored ad, either on Google partner sites. The advantage of a PPC campaign is based on the performance obtained, you being able to pay only for the clicks that visitors give on the ads(CPC or cost per click), this way of charging increasing the chances of an ROI(return of investment) as good as possible.

We help you launch your online business

We offer consultations, and honest pieces of advice and new challanges are our pleasure...

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