Crazy Moon offers you modern sites, made on the WordPress platform, a complex and flexible platform, but very easy to use by both visitors and administrator. We also provide you with impeccable hosting services.

Get a superior online presence

Tailored to the company's personality and identity, the site is optimized for mobile and expresses concern to each visitor. It is built to offer a pleasant design, an easy and intuitive navigation and a pleasant experience.
The answer to a single question can help you find out if the site meets the expectations that visitors have.. You will proudly recommend your own site to a person you admire? If the answer is yes, then users will be happy to discover more.

Express the identity and personality of the company

The sites that stand out are those that adapt the structure of the site to the identity of the company and the expectations of visitors.. Sites that go unnoticed are those that adapt the company's identity to a template without personality, common or general.
Creating a site that captures and expresses personality is a complex creative process with tailor-made benefits.

Web Design Responsive

Recommended by Google and industry best practices, represents the ability of the site to transform its design and content format, so as to improve the flow of information on the desktop, tablet and phone.
In 2021 approximate 95% of the searches are performed on the mobile. Ensure a pleasant experience anywhere, 24/24.

Site Maintenance

Leave the site in our care and you will be able to focus on other important aspects of your business ! We will take care of the content, its safety and periodic updates. Your site will be constantly improved and protected !
No matter how well he did, a site constantly needs new and updated content with up-to-date and accurate information, otherwise visitors may quickly lose interest and stop accessing your site..